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Sunday February 24, 2013 was the Seattle Food and Wine Experience at the Seattle Center.  A montage of cuisine and beverage kept me busy for about 4 hours.  Join me in some of my favorites from the event.


From The Barking Frog  – Favorite Main Dish

Braised Boneless Beef Shortribs from Double R Ranch with a parsnip and celeriac soup and truffle gremolata.

Lovely to the eyes and the taste!!!  I haven’t been out to the Barking Frog yet, but am now even more inspired to take a Woodinville adventure!




From The Cookie |Box| - Favorite “Dessert”

Harmony Cookie made with sweet potato, cranberry, and Chinese black pepper.  A savory dessert treat, the flavors in this cookie are to die for!  It’s a mix between a savory cracker and a soft cookie.  Would you believe they made them up the night before the show?!?!


I hear these taste really good with Bourbon.  I plan to test that suggestion…when they are available for purchase.

The other Cookie |Box| flavors I recommend:

Tamara | apricot, orange + pumpkin seed
Pearl | pear, thyme + pink peppercorn
Alex | bittersweet chocolate, aged balsamic + basil

Check out their website and order some for your next party or gift. You WON’T be sorry! (and your friends will LOVE you!!)


From Blue Mountain Cider Company - Favorite Beverage

My favorite beverage of the day…and I’m not really a cider fan…the Cherry Cider from Blue Mountain Cider Company.  I nice soft flavor with real cherry taste, not too sweet, not too bitter.  PERFECT!




From Watermill Winery – Favorite COLOR (You KNEW I had to have a favorite color of the day, right?)

A great tasting wine…but the COLOR of that label!!!  I mean come on.  It’s like the PERFECT blue!  It lured me in from across the room and the Cabernet didn’t disappoint.


But again, that COLOR!  Swoon!!!!


From 44 North Vodka – Favorite Design

I loved the clean design of this bottle and logo!  Sophisticated clear.  (…and blue again!)  This blue label vodka is the Mountain Huckleberry Flavor.  I drank all of my sample shot, straight up, and was delighted by the fruity flavor.  Not heavy.  Not fake.  Light and fresh.


Buy some of this for your next party and find some fun mixers and herbs to add in.


Thanks SFWE for a great event and to all the participants for feeding and “hydrating” me!

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  1. Marcia Sisley-Berger

    Cookie|box| is thrilled that you enjoyed our cookies!!
    Thank you for your kind words.

    • Melissa

      LOVED! Waiting for my sweet potato purchase and a bottle of bourbon! :) So great to meet you and your husband at the event. Good luck with the cookies!

  2. Robert

    Thanks for the article! I just updated a few of my blogs, too!

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    Seattle Food and Wine Experience

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