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I’ve been too busy to do much eating out lately, which doesn’t make me happy!  I’ve missed my cuisine adventures and sharing on the blog.

Last week changed all that and I have some fun food{ie} coloring adventures to share.

My friend and I have made plans multiple times, over multiple months, to check out Revel.  I follow them on Facebook and the food pictures call to me!  Beg me to come partake in their beauty and flavor.

FINALLY, I made it.  The full menu at my fingertips!  Urban-style Korean comfort food ready to entice me.


And, happily we got counter seating!  Right in front of all of the cuisine and chef action.  AND, the seat next to the servers station.  I watched dish after dish of beautiful, fresh, colorful food work its way out of the island kitchen into the hands of lucky diners.  I would have taken more pictures, but let me tell you those chefs and servers are FAST!  You will never have to worry about long waits (once you get to your table…popularity means you will probably wait for a table…it’s worth it) or cold food at Revel.  Servers pick up the dishes faster than I can click the shutter!

Down and OUT!  Lucky diners…unlucky photographer.

My friend Jean and I quickly agreed on 4 dishes to share…sharing is caring as they say…and I say it’s the BEST way to get a variety of dishes and not eat too much!

First up….

Corned.  Lamb.

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that on the menu!  I’m not a big corned beef eater, but I have one delightful memory of eating it at a childhood friend’s home many years ago.  A full table of kids, parents, and grandparents…and this new and magical dish to explore!


At Revel, corned lamb arrives on a bed of mizuna.  Don’t know that I’ve eaten mizuna before, but I can now say I LIKE it!  A spicy green that reminds me of arugula with a kick.  Dressed with nuoc cham, well, my lips were tingling for hours and that lingering sinus infection got a little “heat remedy”.  Salty and spicy flavors and textures came together in this dish in a beautiful way.  Caution:  If you don’t like heat, stay out of this kitchen dish.  If you can brave it though, it’s worth it!

Our second selection was the pork belly and kimchi pancake.  Who can resist a pancake with pork belly and kimchi?  Not ME!


I never got a good shot of this dish.  The lure of its flavors left me visually distracted and rushed.

I.  Just.  Wanted.  To.  EAT.

Favorite dish of the night for sure!

I don’t know exactly how they make this, but it is perfectly crunchy on the outside edge and soft and chewy in the center.  Like the perfect pizza!

The flavors were strong and complimented each other exquisitely.  I couldn’t get enough!  I’d order this again and again!!  I recommend you do too…

Dish number three was selected by me to curb a recent craving for egg topped dishes.  Usually not into runny eggs, I’ve been seeing lots of food photos and reading menus luring me to the soft egg “crowning moment”.


A rice bowl with short ribs, daikon, and mustard greens topped with egg yolk presented with gorgeous color and “plate design”.   I enjoyed the daikon and the ribs, but somehow the dish lacked the flavor punch I expected and I didn’t get the “egg” experience I was anticipating.

I probably should have used this dish as an opportunity to experiment with the various sauces Revel makes available.


Next time…

There will be a next time because overall, beauty and flavor did not disappoint me at Revel.

Oh, and speaking of beauty…


The lure of the recent Revel Facebook photo post of dessert meant I couldn’t leave without it!


Beautiful!!  Yes?

This artfully presented sweet treat is Revel’s rose panna cotta drizzled with pink peppercorn honey…topped with a sugared rose petal and paired with a pistachio macaron.  Food{ie} coloring!!!!

They had me at pink peppercorn honey really.

This was one of the most delicate, flavorful, refreshing desserts I’ve had.  Having “custard” texture issues, panna cotta is not a go to dessert for me.  However, pair it with the pink peppercorn honey and the delicate rose flavor and THIS was a pure treat.  I loved every bite (and ate almost every bite because my friend was at her limit…lucky me!).

Taste aside, visually this dish just made me happy all over!  The sugared rose petal, stands gracefully on top of the light and creamy panna cotta and looks like a heart to me.




Beyond inspiring and definitely represents the love that comes out of Revel’s kitchen!

And, we should focus on that macaron for a minute…even my camera agreed!


De light ful!!

Soft, chewy.

A smooth as silk pistachio creme.

I ignored the nut allergy and had 2 bites.  It looked worth the potential reaction!

Thank you Revel for a wonder dining experience!  Visually from the restaurant design, to the counter experience, to the dishes sat before us.  For the foodie, flavor and texture successes all around.

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