Friday Night Foodie Crush!


My favorite chef in Seattle is Chef Jason Wilson. A supreme talent in the kitchen and he and his wife are so friendly and welcoming. His Crush restaurant is a true treat on all levels; food, wine, and design. The bathroom upstairs has the original claw foot bathtub! Some day I may smuggle in some bubble bath, take my glass of wine upstairs, lock the door…

Speaking of BUBBLES! Last night at the Crush 8th Anniversary Celebration I sat down for the Chef’s Tasting menu and I needed go no further than my table for a bubbly delight of an unexpected variety.

Foam bubbles on my plate!


Chef Jason’s “Tidepools” Course was a crudo of geoduck from Taylor Shellfish Farms, oyster, spot prawns, pickled vegetables, green apple ponzu and squid inked celeriac. Ponzu…celeriac…I have no idea what any of that is, but I CAN tell you that this beautiful and colorful course was an exquisite design on the plate! The colors worked together like a Picasso, the textures made me want to “dive in” with both hands and feel the experience, and the flavors were beautifully fresh and light.



I also loved the dungeness crab and cucumber from the “snack tray”. Nice food{ie}coloring with the Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald. And, the duck confit caramelized onion tart was a stack of color and texture delight, for both the eyes and the palate.

I was completely excited to see Chef Jason’s “Bacon ‘n Eggs” dish on the menu last night. This is one of my most favorite things! I order it every time I’m there because it is just simply special.

bacon and eggs

What IS “bacon ‘n eggs” you ask? Here’s how the menu describes it…

Parsnip “omelette”, noble syrup elastic (??? – me, not menu), smoked steelhead roe, bacon infused creme fraiche.

Here’s how I describe it….

Soft, with intriguing pops of texture

A creamy taste explosion full of eggs, bacon, and maple syrup

I wonder what this would be like with waffle “croutons”. A complete breakfast?

Moving on before I truly move in and begin requesting breakfast “bacon ‘n eggs and waffles” and a bellini to go with that claw foot tub…

THIS was THE most AMAZING dish of the night!

coffee pasta and salmon

Hand cut “coffee” linguine, meyer lemon…WHOA! I wanted seconds…and THIRDS of this course. Truly complex, yet simple flavors and the colors on this plate still make me smile. The waiter said the pasta is actually made from a “coffee flour”. I can’t explain it. Go get it and see for yourself! You won’t be sorry…and feel free to invite me when you go because I need MORE! What are you doing tonight??

Yep, we’re still eating…



Truly not a good shot of this, BUT, duck with quinoa and brussel sprouts colors this plate lovingly! This was actually my second “version”. My first plate was a bit undercooked and chewy for my liking. I told our waitress and away it went…and in this one came (duck devoured). Dish number two had a BONUS. Sous vide cranberries. You can see them shining there. Can I get a bag of these to go? I’d eat them all day!

And, finally….the lamb. A little secret I must share right here so we get it out there early.

I. Love. Lamb.


It’s almost an obsession really. Couldn’t wait to get my lamb course…WITH harissa carrots.

I love the flavor of harissa, and I have this odd fascination with how the word sounds so anytime I get to talk about harissa I get a bit giddy.

First time I think I’ve ever left lamb on my plate!

It was delightfully tender and my dining companion LOVED hers and ate every bite on her plate! I, however, do not like the flavor of blue cheese. There’s just something overwhelmingly strong about it that my taste buds don’t play well with. For me, the gorgonzola in the “mash” took over and left me “lambless”. The giddy-making harissa carrots left me completely happy!

I will say THIS about the lamb dish, I would use this color palette to decorate a room. The green, pink, and orange come together in such a lovely way.

Food as art!

Jason Wilson the artist chef.

Once again, great food, perfect drinks, and impeccable service. My food{ie}crush continues to grow at Crush.

Bravo and happy anniversary Crush!!

Here’s to 8 more years!


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  1. Jon Staenberg

    Amazing photos. So bummed i missed it.
    So lucky he is in Seattle!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Jon! Can’t wait to feature The Vude on food{ie} coloring.

  2. Kate Summers

    Wow! I love it. Amazing photography of amazing food!

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