I just finished a big move and not only am I tired….but I’m HUNGRY!  It’s been way too long since I’ve experienced some fine Seattle cuisine.


For now, I have some “catch up” to do here on the blog.

I took a packing break a few weekends ago and checked out a quaint little walk in patisserie in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.  I didn’t really know much about it.  A friend just said “let’s go” and of course, I followed…it was a new food experience after all.

Not yet truly knowing what I was getting into, I snapped a few iPhone shots as the adventure began.


I love the name!  CRUMBLE & FLAKE


A small gem of a pastry shop with an eye catching storefront…

And, even more eye catching store”inside”…


Two small pastry cases full of mouth watering…and eye candy…pastries.

Traditional croissants…

Smoked paprika and cheddar croissants…

Lovingly iced cinnamon rolls…

Fig and olive tapenade rolls…

Kouign Amann (pronounced “kween a-mon”)…

You are probably wondering what a kouign amann is?  I was and my friend told me they are KNOWN for this pastry.  According to their website, this is the among the top 2 questions they are asked (ahead of “what time to you normally sell out?”).

Of course, I had to try this mystery delight now that I knew how popular they are.  I’m so glad I got up early and they weren’t sold out! (That’s a rare statement for me…usually only saved for post-sunrise shoots.)

Meet my kouign amann…


Here’s our foodie education for the day:  Kouign amann is a specialty of the Brittany region of France, these golden rounds are similar to croissants, but made with salted butter, rolled in sugar, and baked until the outside caramelizes and turns crunchy.

I hadn’t read this description before I tasted it.  Sounds lovely huh?  It IS!

Look at that caramelized sugar!

It is flaky, golden outside…

And, I can tell you it is soft and sweet and rather delightful on the inside.

If you are more of a savory breakfast taster like myself, I recommend sharing this with a friend.  It’s wonderful, but definitely sweet.

(oh, and sorry for not showing you my kouign in it’s full glory…”someone” tore half of it off before I could get my camera on it…improvised shot…)


Of course I had to try more than just this one pastry, so I went with my savory preferences and selected two more beautiful items.


Say hello to my sour cherry and lavender scone.

The golden glow…

The beautiful textures from the lavender dusting the top…

The colorful cherries peeking out to entice me…

A perfect flavor pairing and a wonderful scone texture.  Not too sweet.  Not too dry.

I will visit again for one of their flavorful scones!


My final selection was the smoked paprika and cheddar croissant.


OK…I’m a sucker for crispy cheese.

Golden brown…

Bubbly texture…



This croissant, like the other pastries, was fresh, flavorful and utterly enjoyable.


CRUMBLE & FLAKE gets my vote for a quick breakfast that is special and full of flavor and color!

And, it lives up to it’s name with pastries so fresh and artfully baked they…









…to perfection.


We were “in & out” of CRUMBLE & FLAKE in a slow, foodie, so many selections, I want them all, must decide “flash” and took our treasure bag of pastry delights over to Caffe Ladro to pair with a morning mocha.

Crumbly, flaky pastries and a Ladro mocha…what more can a girl ask for on a Sunday morning?

How about a mocha with orange peel?  Chocolate orange!  One of my favorite flavor combos!!  Can this breakfast GET any better?

Oh, but yes it CAN, because the mocha came with some extra, artful LOVE…


Exactly how I felt about this unexpected morning food adventure…



(oh…speaking of bubbles and circles….did I mention yet how awesome the lighting was that hung above me?)


A perfect subtle compliment to the round, white coffee cups and reference to how I was “hanging” on every bite and sip as I fully appreciated the artful passion behind food{ie} coloring.


A heartfelt thank you to CRUMBLE & FLAKE and Caffe Ladro for a lovely Sunday morning, and to my friend for the suggestion!




As I left Caffe Ladro completely satisfied and excited to have a new story for the blog, the streets of Seattle immediately presented me with THIS.


COMICON Weekend!  You just never know….

I’ll let you find out for yourself….


I’m done here…and VERY hungry…

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