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Another Saturday food night out in Seattle!  This week was much more low key than the multi-course preview of Josh Henderson’s soon to open Westward, but most enjoyable!  I can’t eat 6 course meals with wine pairings every weekend…(but I’d be OK if I did!).

One of my favorite Spanish restaurants in Seattle is Harvest Vine and they recently gave a shout out to a new Spanish cafe in town, Chico Madrid.  Seemed like a good idea to check it out!

Chico Madrid is located in the Belroy Apartments on Capitol Hill and is a small cafe.  Having done no research on the restaurant, and only going on the advice of Harvest Vine, Chico Madrid wasn’t what I expected.  However, I loved it!  A quaint little spot to have a quick meal with friends.


The one page menu is mostly comprised of sandwiches I’d describe as either “deli style” or “grilled cheese style”, but with the flavors and flare of Spain.

I started my evening with a glass of the “on tap” Sangria, the one thing I’m ALWAYS missing when I go to Harvest Vine.


Light and refreshing, it was a great way to start the evening.  I loved the color pop of the orange floating on top and would have loved it even more if there had been fresh fruit mixed in.  The lack of, however, didn’t stop me from emptying the glass and considering a second…

After careful consideration of the menu, I selected two dishes to kick off my dinner.

The Chorizo Bocadillo and the Tortilla Española.

First Course Collage

The Bocadillo was prepared with Chorizo Navarre, garrotxa and tomato pulp.


I’m not a big fan of sandwiches.  But, chorizo on anything is usually a game changer.  Chorizo on the Columbia City baguette, well, a game WINNER!

The bread was fantastic!  Crunchy on the outside. Chewy on the inside.

Mixed with the sweetness of the tomato pulp, the spicy of the chorizo, and the firm texture of the garrotxa cheese…PERFECT!  I only ate half, but it was hard to hold back!

Sunday LUNCH to look forward to!!


Paired with the sangria, the bocadillo was a wonderful treat that I’d stop in for again.


There is no way I was going Spanish without a tortilla tasting.

Tortilla Collage

Served cold, the tortilla had a nice firm texture and that lovely sweet tortilla flavor I adore. The aioli was light and fresh and added an extra flavor and texture to the dish that worked well.  It reminded me of my friend’s homemade tortilla back in Brooklyn.  How lovely it was to have a neighbor who loved to cook and spent a semester abroad in Spain.

Authentic eating!

While I devoured my tortilla and paced myself on the bocadillo, a few of my friends worked on the Ensalada.  I didn’t taste it, but I DID take a picture of it in all its colorful beauty!


How is THAT for food{ie} coloring painting a plate.  LOVE the purple pop of the onions.  Makes me happy just looking at it again!

Finishing out those dishes, we were ready for something on the menu we ALL found intriguing and had been waiting for.


Olive oil…

Open face Columbia City campagne…

Chocolate Pan Con.

So really, how could this go wrong?  70% chocolate with olive oil just sounds like something I should have been eating since I exited the womb.  Add bread…DUH!







I loved this dish.  I think I would have loved it more with a little more olive oil drizzled on top. But, just as it was, it made my tastebuds VERY happy!!

While we waited for the Pan Con to come out I decided I needed to try something else.What’s wrong with having dessert in the middle of your meal?

NOTHING if you ask me!

Back to the menu we went and I decided I couldn’t leave without a “grilled cheese” and a friend decided he couldn’t leave without the De Valdéon Pan Con.

What is that you ask?

Blue cheese, Ballard honey, black pepper on that delightful Columbia City campagne.

Let’s start with the “grilled cheese” – officially known as Bikini.  I ordered the Bacón: Zoe’s bacon, queso barra, salsa verde.


Yummy, delightful, melted, creamy cheese…


and BACON!  Definitely worth the third round, post dessert, ordering.  Half was devoured.  Half was added to my Sunday lunch takeaway.

And now we get to talk De Valdéon Pan Con.

A De Valdéon is made with the following ingredients: blue cheese, Ballard honey, and black pepper.

I LOVE cheese.

I LOVE honey (and all things Ballard, btw).

I LOVE fresh black pepper.


I do NOT like blue cheese.  I’ve tried, really.  I just don’t like it.  The taste is always harsh and contrary to my tastebuds.  Remember when I had it at Crush?  My favorite restaurant in Seattle?  I didn’t even like it there!

But, as always, I tried it.




What happened?

HONEY happened!  Adding the sweetness of the honey took the harsh taste of the “blue” and softened it.  Made it quite amazing really.  It became a perfect combination of sweet and salty…on a crunchy, chewy slice of fresh bread.

Chico Madrid!  You CURED me of my blue cheese resistance.  Thank you!!  (I think…)

I couldn’t quite stop there, however…

No, I didn’t order any more food.  I played with what I had.  Time to experiment with BLUE!

Did you know that blue cheese is quite delightful with 70% chocolate and olive oil…


Stop by Chico Madrid and grab a table and a menu and order up.


While you are there, don’t forget to admire some of the colorful and shiny “kitchen jewelry”…


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